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About the CMWC

The Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) is the ultimate urban cycling competition. The strongest, smartest and fastest bike messengers from across the planet converge once a year to determine who is the best in a variety of events that test riders’ physical and mental limits. It is a fully insured competition on a closed course that is sanctioned by the International Federation of Bike Messengers Associations (IFBMA). While most competitors are bike messengers, events are open to everyone, and many non-messengers enjoy the challenge of the competition.

CMWC is a world championship sporting event, but it is also a world festival celebrating messenger culture and its broad influence on modern urban culture, as well as an international conference where messengers can share their diverse experiences and work towards improving working conditions in every city. CMWC hosts a variety of related galas, shows, parties and a vendor market where spectators mingle with messengers to get a jump on the latest bike trends and urban utilitarian fashion. The side events showcase the artistic, photographic, musical and literary talents of the world’s hardest working professional athletes. CMWC 2008 Toronto

The Chicago Team

After the success of the 2008 North American Cycle Courier Championship in Chicago some of the organizers of that event sat down and had a serious talk about making a bid for hosting the CMWC in 2012. We won your vote in Guatemala and are prepared to make the 20th annual CMWC the best yet. Here's who we are.

  • Augie Montes - Ex-Messenger and former Rider/Owner at 4 Star Courier. Has thrown more races than you've ever been at.
  • Christina Peck - 2009 NACCC Overall Champ, Women's 2010 NACCC champ. Podium for 2009 & 2010 CMWC's. Chicago Cuttin' Crew.
  • Nico Deportago-Cabrera - Messenger. Rider/Owner at 4 Star Courier. Chicago Cuttin' Crew. Men's 2009 NACCC Champ. Chicago Cuttin' Crew.
  • Dylan Gimpel - Messenger. Organizer/contributor of the Chicago Courier's Union. Always on time.
  • Nick Puczkowskyj- Messenger. Former CDOT Bike Program/Active Transportation Alliance Employee. Breaks all the secretaries' hearts.
  • Allison Peck - Keeps the books, pays the bills and DJ's our parties.
  • Vern Schleyer - Handsome. Builds things. Good mustache. King of paperwork. Lawyer.
  • Chris Dilts - Designer. Photographer. Web Impresario. Destroyer of Restaurants.
  • Nikki Munvez - Uptop'er. Farmer. Routinely cooks the best meal you've ever had.


We realize you might have some inquiries about how we're running the event this year. Send your questions our way (info@chicagocmwc.com) and we'll get back to you as soon as we're back at a computer. Peruse these other frequently asked questions first though.

1. Lakeshore Drive and the Lakefront Bike Path are two different things. DO NOT ride on Lakeshore Drive. It's illegal and the cops will come yell at you. Use the bike path at 11th or 18th St to cross Lakeshore Drive to get to the bike path and Soldier Field.

2. What bike do I need?
-Any bike you feel comfortable on. Seriously. Road bike, mountain bike, cyclocross bike, we don't care. As long as it makes you happy, allows you to complete the course, and get your drunk ass back to where you're staying.

3. What do I need to bring for the main race?
-Your bike, your lock, your bag and a helmet. The rest of the rules will be announced day of, so don't worry about those until then. Just bring what you would normally leave for work with.

4. What accomodations can I find while I'm there?
-Unfortunately, cheap hotel rooms are super difficult to come by since CMWC coincides with Lolapolooza. Check out our Housing page for some recommended hotels or email housing@chicagocmwc and we'll set you up with someone who will let you sleep on their floor for the weekend.

5. Where can I ship my bike?
-You can ship it to one of our shop sponsors, Upgrade Cycle Works (1130 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60642). Make sure to put c/o CMWC on the label. If you want to contact the shop directly, email Allison at allison@chicagocmwc.com

6. How do I get into town from the airports?
Midway (MDW) is on the Southwest side. The Orange line runs out of Midway into Downtown from 4:30am-1am. You can transfer in the Loop to any of the other lines.
O'Hare (ORD) is on the Northwest side. The Blue line runs out of O'Hare 24 hours/day and takes you through Logan Square and Wicker Park (where a lot of your friends live). It also takes you all the way downtown where you can transfer to other lines/get to the Southside where a lot of the events will be happening. 
The CTA is a flat rate $2.25 on any line with transfers only running you 0.25 cents. It's pretty darn affordable. 

7. Are spectators welcome? How do I get into Soldier Field?
-All spectators are welcome. The race will be happening in the South Lot of Soldier Field by McCormick Place, just south of 18th St on the lakefront. NOT in the actual stadium. Keep going south and you'll see us by the Sledding Hill.