so a bear walks into a bar . . .

The Plan

Members of this bid team have experience hosting the 2008 North Americans, Cutting Crew Classic, Tour De Chicago, the Milwaukee Messenger Invitational, Skids Gone Wild, Bingo Races, and have participated in countless other races. We have people who can do layout and design, web design, t-shirt makers, printers, and even a legal team, to keep the paperwork legit.

We have school buses, warehouses, pick-up trucks and floor space. We have dozens of volunteers available to fold boxes, man check points, set up courses, and let you sleep on their floor. There are a lot of people who want to see you in Chicago in 2012.

We've worked with food companies, beer companies, bag companies, frame companies, boutique designers, bike shops, bike advocacy groups, messenger companies, and Chicago's own Courier Union. We are good at asking companies to support our scene. And even better at getting them to give us money and loot.

Room and Board:
We hate to have to pay for things, and we like to give em away free. For the 2008 North Americans, Chicago was able to house close to 300 or so people without having to resort to hotels, and we fed racers and observers on both of the race days, vegetarian and non vegetarian alike, at no cost to them. We held four or five pre and post race events, and all had low or no cost drinks available to all who came. We will do our utmost to keep costs to participants down so that everyone can afford to come and play.

Side Events:
Skids, track stands, tricks/freestyle, sprints, open and labor forums, Messenger Prom, cargo haul, track racing day(?!), registration party and post-race barbeque.

Alternatives to Denial:
We will try again and again, until the bright light of the Worlds shine on our dreary heads. We don't take no for an answer. We tolerate no fools. We keep it correct. And we come back again and again and again and again.

The Whole City Behind Us:
Through our work on the NACCC and other events in Chicago we have a network of support within local city government, including the Mayors Office of Special Events, the Chicago Park District, local law enforcement and the Active Transportation Alliance, Chicago's largest cycling advocacy group, which has officially endorsed our petition to host the 2012 CMWC.

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