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The 2008 Chicago NACCC

The North American Cycle Courier Championship (NACCC) is a weekend long endeavor that has been held annually for over ten years. For the 11th installation Chicago was chosen as the host city following the previous year's event in San Francisco.

The weekend consisted of several activities to keep the best of the best entertained. Messengers of all shapes and sizes got together to exchange our wisdom, exhibit each of our styles and share our love for this industry and culture.

The feature of the NACCC is and always has been a race. The race is done a closed course within the city. Saturday is a day long qualifier followed by a Sunday final race. Each year, the host city creates a controlled environment that mimics the stresses and excitement of everyday work for bike messengers. Since this event floats from city to city, it usually incorporates a taste of each city's unique challenges. The top male finisher and top female finisher to handle the course and workload the swiftest is then crowned Male and Female Champion of North America, respectively. We all then hail them as the greatest things to ever do this job.

While the race is the main event, it is definitely not the only thing going on throughout the NACCC weekend. For a glimpse at all of the great things we planned and executed over that weekend in Chicago explore our retrospective portfolio below.

throw down on the south side

The Event

The 2008 NACCC was held in Garfield Park, on Chicago's west side. We provided this city map in the riders guide to help direct participants around the city. The map was included as a part of a comprehensive Riders Guide booklet.

not everyone gets to win

The Results

Two days of racing. One Champion.

1st Place Overall - Austin Horse
1st Woman's - Kimberly Perfetto
1st Non-Messenger Mens - Stan Schultz
1st Non-Messenger Woman's - Anzie Nelson

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Chicago Messenger Prom

Messenger Prom

For the past five years 4 Star Courier Collective has hosted the Chicago Messenger Prom. Prom was held in conjunction with the NACCC at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago's west loop. The event sold out, went over capacity and was a massive success.